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Halal Menus

Halal Menu available for private dining groups only with 24 hour notice. Depending on room availability, $500+ minimum food and beverage minimum spend.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the current beef shortage, we are having difficulty procuring certain items. Please call us to get our most up to date menu.

24 hour notice/reservations required to ensure proper preparation and availability. Non-refundable initial payment will be needed to make group reservation as we source, prep and marinate and grill selections just for you and your guests.  Desserts and beverages not included in dinner price. 20% gratuity added for all tables.


Dinner Prices

-Dinner $55 Meat & Seafood, Salad Bar & Hot sides 

-Sunday Lunch $45

Halal menu includes our endless selections of the finest halal cuts of lamb chops and seafood such as shrimp and salmon as well as the salad bar and hot side dishes. 

Not included: beverages, dessert, tax and gratuity. 

(Filet Mignon steak served on Friday and Saturday in Southwest Houston only)


Salad Bar & Sides: Dinner $25
Seafood, Salad Bar & Sides: Dinner $39
Kids 6-10 years old: Dinner $26.25
Kids 5 & under: Complimentary



Contact us for more information