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Flavor Influences

Houston, TX is a multicultural community full of international influences. From the Little Saigon area of Midtown to the Hispanic influence throughout the city, Houston never fails to welcome different flavors and make plenty of space for unique restaurant ideas.

It’s been reported that Houston, TX has more than 11,000 restaurants within its borders. The multicultural spirit of the city is further demonstrated through the varying dishes and menus of our local foodie scene. These dishes inspire area chefs and restaurant owners to blend the culture of Texas with the beloved signature recipes of other nations. 

 A Local Favorite

Houstonians are known for being dedicated food fanatics; a visit to Houston is incomplete without trying dishes inspired by several countries and backgrounds. Among Houston’s favorite restaurant traditions is the churrascaria steakhouse restaurant, and nobody does churrascaria better than Avenida Brazil.

At Avenida Brazil, we are dedicated to providing visitors with a complete dining experience. Our Brazilian steakhouse aims to combine the flavors of Brazil with the steakhouse tradition engrained in Texas life. From tender meat options to delicious Sunday brunch and seafood plates, our restaurant offers everything you need to make sure that leaving hungry will never be an option.  


Three Locations in Houston

Southwest Houston, TX 

12000 SW Freeway, Meadows Place, TX | 281-277-9292

Clear Lake, TX

201 West Bay Area Blvd. Webster, TX 77598 | 281-557-9999

Woodlands, TX

1400 Research Forest Dr., Shenandoah, TX 77381 | 281-651-5369

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