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Fine Dining Restaurant Serving The Woodlands, TX area

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The name Avenida Brazil was inspired by Executive Chef Vanderlei Bernardi, who was born and raised in the South of Brazil. Vanderlei has a deep passion for sharing his Brazilian culture through authentic Southern Brazilian meat grilling styles and famous welcoming Gaucho (cowboy) service to his home in Houston.

In Brazil, many cities have a main street named Avenida Brazil

On this street, friends, families, and couples gather to connect and unwind at esteemed restaurants, bars, and gathering places. It was on Chef Vanderlei's hometown in Southern Brazil where he became inspired by the highest quality and dedication the traditional restaurants would put into their steakhouses. Having grown up on a small hard-working farm in the country, Avenida Brazil was a symbol to young Vanderlei of what dedication to one's craft could create. Our new name pays homage to Vanderlei's dream of creating an eating experience to match the highest quality authentic steakhouses on Avenida Brazil in Gaucho country.

We strive to bring our Brazilian Heritage to all we do and our new name is our next step to create an even more authentic Brazilian churrasco experience in our home of Houston, TX.

Fine Dining Comes With Experience

Vanderlei Bernardi, our Executive Chef, was born in Southern Brazil. He joins Avenida Brazil with 14 years of fine dining restaurant and bar experience-10 of those years specifically focusing on Brazilian Steakhouses, both in Brazil and in the US.

"I believe in providing our guests with a Brazilian Steakhouse experience with a bit of Texas flair! When you join us, you are a part of the family!"

Our Team